Posts Removal of Old School RuneScape reverse engineering content

Removal of Old School RuneScape reverse engineering content

I have decided to remove my reverse engineering blogposts regarding the reverse engineering of OSRS from the publicly accessible site.

This is my personal decision based based on the following reasons:

  • Old School RuneScape had a major shift in their third party client policy banning all but a few and developement of new clients. At the time of me writing the reverse engineering blogposts there were a lot more clients at least implicitly allowed. The rules are now a lot more explicit with really no leeway if I want to comply with the game rules. Additional information in the Third Party Clients Update newspost and the new Fan Content Policy section 6.1.3.
  • Old School RuneScapes Steam version was a lot more barebones when I started the series, it was missing major features I personally wanted but Jagex has done a lot to improve it since and the motivations I had for this content are no longer there.
  • Not wanting to deal with C&D’s if they somehow find the content, even though the blog has been inactive.
  • I have multiple RuneScape accounts I do care about, so avoiding trouble seems like a good idea.
  • Due to personal reasons wanting to avoid possibly enabling cheating in active games.

I appreciate Jagex being more strict with third party software these days, and honestly I wish they were even stricter but I do believe in this aspect I am in the minority.

Future content

What the fifth reason means for possible future content I may write in terms of game reverse engineering is that it will more than likely be games that are closer to abandonware or are otherwise interesting to reverse engineer in singleplayer.

I haven’t had much motivation in this regard recently after work so don’t expect new content too soon, but it will come when I come across something that interests me.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.



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